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OS Series


When it comes to staying protected on the water, we understand the unique challenges posed by the harsh saltwater environment. Unlike materials designed for land, sailing materials demand a specific focus on performance. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted sailing clothing tailored to excel in these conditions, resulting in an award-winning kit that consistently delivers outstanding performance.

At the pinnacle is the OS Series – a range that has been rigorously tested beyond industry standards. Whether you’re embarking on an ambitious ocean crossing with our OS1 system or navigating a coastal passage with the OS2 or OS3 series, the OS is your unwavering companion, designed to excel in every condition.


For those facing the harshest conditions, the OS1 system is your armour against the unpredictable. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the open ocean, this pinnacle of technical apparel ensures you stay dry, warm, and focused, regardless of the conditions.

OS1: Made for oceans

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XPLORE+® Technology

Constructed with XPLORE+® 3-layer fabric. This advanced material ensures a fully waterproof and breathable barrier, keeping you shielded from the harshest elements while allowing your body to breathe. No compromise, just exceptional protection. 

Rigorously tested the OS1 fabric not only meets but exceeds waterproof standards. It emerges unscathed, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions you face. 



Navigate coastal waters with ease in the comfort of our OS2 system. Tested to exceed standards, it offers the perfect balance of protection and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your time afloat regardless of the conditions and without compromising on performance.

OS2: Made for rough seas

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XPLORE® Technology

XPLORE® boasts a robust 2-layer construction that forms an impenetrable barrier against the elements. Stay dry and comfortable in the face of rain, wind, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Rigorously tested to an impressive 30,000mm column of water on the Hydrostatic Head, this fabric not only meets but exceeds established waterproof benchmarks. Its steadfast resilience guarantees that you stay dry and comfortable, defying the challenges posed by unpredictable weather conditions. 



The OS3 system is your go-to for versatile and adaptable excellence. Tested rigorously for various conditions, it provides the reliability you need, no matter the weather.

OS3: Made for coastal exploring

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XPLORE® Technology

OS3 is crafted with XPLORE 2-layer construction that is rigorously tested to not only meet standards but exceeds them. Helping to form an impenetrable barrier against the elements.