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When out on the water, we need our bodies to be able to do what we need it too, while also keeping it safe and protected. This naturally includes our hands, which is where neoprene gloves can make such a difference.

The importance of our hands in operating and manoeuvring a boat or partaking in watersports generally is very high. Without our hands working as they need to, we heighten the chances of running into difficulties.

Keeping our hands warm and dry allows for us to use them as want. This keeps the blood circulating, and allows you to react easily to any challenge faced on the water. Warm hands on cold days are also far more comfortable and allow you to unwind and relax into your sailing.

At Gill, as part of our excellent accessories range, we have a host of neoprene gloves that can help you keep your hands dry and comfortable.

These can be the perfect gloves for sailing or gloves for watersports more generally. They are designed with great insulation and water resistance, while they are also comfortable and malleable. This means you won’t feel limited in your hand movements, while you will also benefit from excellent grip capabilities designed into the gloves’ palms.

These gloves are wonderful additions to any watersport enthusiast’s armoury, while they also make excellent gloves for fishing and generally brilliant outdoor gloves.

Our neoprene gloves come in senior and junior sizes, so be sure to take a look at what we have to offer and find a perfect buy from Gill today.