ZenTherm 2.0

Precision Performance


We understand the thrill of dinghy sailing often comes with the challenge of getting drenched. However, we believe your focus should always be on the sail, not the temperature. ZenTherm Neoprene goes beyond the ordinary.

It’s not just about keeping you warm; it’s about ensuring your comfort reaches new heights, enhancing your performance on the water.

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Designed in collaboration with the US Sailing Team

Every seam and every detail is designed to meet the unique demands of dinghy sailing and has been rigorously tested and worn by the US Sailing Team, a testament to its quality and performance. Sail with the confidence that you’re donning sailing gear trusted by elite athletes.


Whether you’re maneuvering through challenging waves or adjusting your sail, the ZenTherm range moves effortlessly with you thanks to our advanced X4 Super-Stretch Neoprene.


We believe in responsible sailing

The ZenTherm range is crafted with recycled fabrics, aligning with our commitment to sustainability