Prepping your boat for the Spring season


Each season poses a subtly different challenge. We might be in the depths of winter at the moment, but soon enough there will be more heat in the air, longer days and a time when we can safely say that spring has arrived.

Any lover of the outdoors should relish the arrival of the spring season. It marks a real turning point in the year, signaling the bright days of summer edging ever nearer. As a sailor, spring affords the opportunity to see nature in transition, while still posing a number of challenges and potentially difficult weather conditions.

Boats should also be prepped for the spring season, with a number of subtle changes beneficial to sailors at this time of year. The latest Gill blog takes a look at some of the things that can be done to get your boat ready for Spring sailing.

Dealing with a winterproofed boat

When it comes to looking after your boat year-round, one of the best things you can do is ensure that it is suitably set up to get through the winter months.

There are a number of things that can help with this, including giving your boat a thorough wash down and removing all liquids that could freeze over during storage.

If you are serious about getting out on your boat early in the Spring season, then the success of your winterproofing efforts will play a big role. Successful winterproofing will make getting your boat prepped for the Spring season significantly easier.

So once you have your hands on deck, there are a few important things to check when it comes to check before taking to the water in the Spring.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect!

Once your boat is out of its winter home, then it is time to inspect things to see what’s what.

Carrying out tasks such as tuning your rig are crucial, as this can ensure your mast is secured and central. This will provide you with the control you need to sail successfully in the Spring months.

A thorough inspection of your sails is also a must, as this allows you to ensure everything is in the right shape and safe to use out on the water. A rip or tear in the sail is a big problem for any sail boat, so looking for and addressing any issues of this type is necessary before taking to the water in the spring.

Rigging is another element that must be inspected. This can be done by running your thumb or hand along the rigging and checking for any metal splinters. If you do discover any, be sure to get in touch with a professional rigger who can address the problem before you set out.

Water removal and water systems are of course another thing to check, so be sure to review and monitor these systems so water can escape from your vessel in the most efficient way possible.

A further important step is to ensure that your safety equipment is in check and up to date. It is also worth checking factors like coastguard information before setting out. Spring weather in the UK can be changeable to say the least, so don’t get caught out.

A bit of spring cleaning

Cleaning your boat is also a good idea before you head out on the water in Spring time. This will help to make the sailing experience all the more pleasant as you set out, but the cleaning process also gives you the chance to spot any other issues that may have arisen during your boat’s winter hibernation period.

Cleaning can also give you the chance to remove clutter and get your vessel in the best condition possible to enjoy Spring sailing.

Taking to the water on a glorious Spring morning is a real thrill, so by taking positive steps to ensure your boat is all in order, you can focus on what you love most.

Get yourself kitted out for Spring sailing

We hope this guide has given you some important insight into how best to get your boat ready for Spring sailing.


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