Tails.com X Gill

two-in-one dog coat


As a brand that manufactures clothing and accessories, we know we have a responsibility when it comes to our environmental footprint. When creating products we try to limit the amount of fabric and material wastage as much as possible. However, unfortunately there is always some left over fabric at the end of a production run.

As part of our ongoing sustainability mission to reduce our impact on the environment where possible, we are constantly thinking about and looking for better ways we can do things. Fabric wastage is a big area of focus for us and early 2022 we came up with an idea for what we could do with excess fabric from our previous OS2 collection, why not make a dog coat! After all, we want everyone to benefit from our high performance waterproof clothing, why limit our designs to just humans.

However, regardless of our extensive knowledge of waterproof clothing, when it comes to dogs, we wanted to consult the experts. There are many options already out there and we didn’t want to make just another dog coat. That’s where the lovely team at tails.com came in. With a wealth of vet, behaviourist and canine experience, as well as a host of office dogs at the ready, tails.com were the perfect team to collaborate with. It also allowed us to ensure that the coat was not only fit for purpose from a fabric and performance perspective, but was also functional and easy and comfortable for the dog to wear. From the colours we’ve used to the fastenings and how it fits – everything has been considered to deliver a product that’s best for the dog, and gives their owner the reassurance that they have a coat that will keep their dog dry, warm and happy.

The garment specification – tails.com X Gill dog coat

The two-in-one coat has a waterproof outer layer and is made from offcuts from our exclusive XPLORE® fabric which is both waterproof and breathable. Underneath, there is a detachable inner-lining for comfort and warmth on colder winter walks which is made from 100% recycled taffeta. When the lining is removed the dog still has a water and windproof coat for spring and autumnal walks.

Most dogs do not like things pulled over their ears and so a coat that you can put on and then fasten around your dog is usually preferable. It was this consideration that led us to use easy and discreet fastenings, one across the chest and the other around the stomach. A coat should be easy to put on and simple to take off, as you might have to do this while you are out and about.

The fastenings are also adjustable, ensuring the best possible fit and avoiding irritation. Taking inspiration from many of our existing best-selling waterproof styles, the coat also includes a high-vis collar and reflective badges for visibility to provide a stylish and practical solution for winter walks in all weathers.

“It’s so important to find innovative ways to use unwanted materials which would otherwise go to waste, particularly if it creates a high performance, design-led product to benefit our dogs.”

– Dr. Sean McCormack, Head Vet and tails.com community fund lead


Treat your dog to a stylish weatherproof tails.com X Gill dog coat this season and keep them dry and warm and happy on those rainy walks. Every sale will include a 10% donation split between our long term charity partner Ocean Generation and tails.com’s charity of choice, StreetVet.

Available in blue, navy and graphite in sizes; S, M, L and XL. Shop the coat here.