Dinghy-Top Junior 4368J

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    Using two layers of highly breathable and waterproof material, the new season Gill Junior Dinghy Top is the ideal choice to ensure your family’s comfort and safety on the water. Removing excess moisture from the skin and simultaneously repelling water from the surface, this carefully designed top is perfect for keeping the body cool and dry. With an adjustable collar and glideskin cuffs, water is stopped from entering from any angle, so you can enjoy your sailing experience in the knowledge that your family are comfortable, no matter their level of experience.

    100% Nylon

    2 Dot™ 2-Schicht Gewebe mit haltbarer, wasserabweisender Beschichtung. Komplett abgeklebte Nähte für Wasserdichtigkeit.

    Glideskin Kragen mit Kletteinstellmöglichkeit und innerem Wasserablauf. Glideskin Manschetten für komfortable Abdichtung. Das Gripper Elastic an der Hüfte sorgt für sicheren Sitz während aktivem Gebrauch. Reflexstreifen-Akzente für schwache Lichtverhältnisse.

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