Important tips for renting a boat this summer

A beginner’s guide


Being at one with the water in the summer months is a real treat for anybody. There is something majestic and entrancing about being out at sea or on a river, providing a really relaxing and leisurely experience.

If you are a boat lover, then renting a boat this summer gives you the chance to sample all the luxuries and joys they bring without the hassle and cost of owning your own.

We have seen boat rentals grow in popularity thanks to offerings like those from our friends at Click&Boat. Boat rental breaks have become a feasible and exciting option for many people, and the joys available are causing many to look to book a boat rental break as soon as they can.

If you are tempted to join those ranks with a trip out on a small motor boat or sailboat this summer, then we want to provide you with a few pointers and tips that may prove useful. So take a look through our beginner’s guide with eight tips for renting a boat this summer and get yourself in the mood to get out on the water!

1 – Make a plan!

When renting a boat, it is good to have a general idea of where you are heading in mind! So in the planning stage, we advise working out where you want to go and what sort of boat you want to rent.

With the majority of boat rentals taken up in the summer months, make sure you make your reservation well in advance so you can ensure there is availability on the day. If you are choosing to captain the boat yourself, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and licenses (if required) to show the rental company.

It’s also important to consider your boat limits – it may seem obvious but don’t take out a full-size sailboat on your own if you have never sailed one before! See if you can take a captain to go with you to offer tips and tricks along the way.

2 – Pack properly

The last thing you want is to be caught out by the weather while out on the water. Wherever you may be sailing, there is always the chance the weather could turn – be it in a good way or a bad way.

This means having the right sailing apparel on board and packing everything you may need regardless of the conditions is a good idea. And don’t forget things like suncream either. Try to encourage everybody in your party to do the same.

Boats can be tight for space, so don’t overpack! We advise taking:

  • -Layers (the temperature can drop quickly when out on the water!)
  • -A waterproof coat
  • -Plenty of food and water
  • -Towels
  • -Sun protection

3 – Fuel properly

This is a two-part tip. Obviously you want to make sure that your boat has the right levels of fuel required to do your trip as planned, check how far you can go before you set off and places where you can fuel up.

You also need to fuel your body with plenty of food and water to ensure you feel great out on the water. This can be easily overlooked, but you will quickly suffer the consequences if you don’t have enough! You can’t just nip to the shops while out on the water, so careful planning here is a good idea.

4 – Check the boat and the safety precautions

For any boat you hire, be sure to give it the once over to check for any current or possible issues. The last thing you want is to be dealing with an unexpected problem while out on the water and to come into difficulty.

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the boat’s safety procedures and other safety elements like fire extinguishers. This may seem like a lot of work, but you will be thankful for it if something does go amiss.

5 – Get to grip with operating the boat

Be sure to get a full guide on how to operate the boat from the owner and learn any particular things that could help you out on the water. While there are some obvious similarities with every boat, each will have its own quirks and may not be like others you have driven in the past. Look to get as strong of an understanding as possible on how to drive and operate the boat before setting off.

Consider taking a captain with you if you’re not feeling confident. This gives the opportunity to learn the ropes, or equally sit back and relax!

6 – Get insured

With boats not renowned for their cheapness, being insured in case of an accident is a good idea. This should cover the whole trip, and should also cover parties on the boat in case of an unwanted incident.

Depending on the rental, the boat hire may include insurance – just be sure to check it out before you set sail.

7 – Check Damage fees

As with any vehicle, there is always the possibility of damage during transit. Boats are no different, and if you are a relatively inexperienced sailor, there is a greater chance of coming into difficulty and causing accidental damage to the vessel.

By having an idea of damage fees, that can help you avoid any unwanted surprises if this does come to pass.

8 – Don’t take undue risks

This last one is obvious, but risks are not something any sailor should be taking. If something strikes you as dangerous or problematic, don’t chance it. Look to navigate and sail as safely as you can to ensure you and your party have a trouble-free time.

Always check out what you do or who you can contact in an emergency.

Get out on the water!

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