Get geared up for Winter Water sports


The more activities we do, the more we tend to find ourselves craving the freedom of the outdoors, but this desire to be out on the water can be tricky to keep up all year round. When we think of our ideal day doing what we love, few of us think of howling wind and piercing rain.

The reality is however that if we want to get out on the water all year-round, these are some of the conditions we are inevitably going to face at some stage.

Having said this, there’s an old adage when it comes to outdoor activities. It goes something like ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices.’

Now when out on the water, that only half rings true. It is fair to say that you can encounter bad weather when out at sea for example, which can drastically and dangerously affect your activity. But for many activities, some rain and wind can add to the experience if you have the right mindset.

At Gill, our selection of quality water sports apparel is designed to protect wearers across all types of conditions.

In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the water sports clothing options that we have available at Gill and how they can help keep you active and protected year-round.

Winter wetsuits

Those of us who can think of nothing better than taking to the water hate to miss out on potential opportunities to do what we love most. Winter seas and lakes can be cold and inhospitable. But with an excellent wetsuit at your disposal, you open yourself up to the opportunity to enjoy the water more frequently.

Our range of wetsuits are designed to offer excellent protection, insulation and warmth in challenging conditions, providing you with all you need to thrive out on the water this winter.

While our ZenLite range is the perfect lightweight option for those warmer days, our ZenTherm system is the ideal choice for colder temperatures, keeping your body warm, comfortable and allowing you to perform at your best.

Taking a step up from this is our FireCell Skiff Suit and Top, our most technologically advanced neoprene wet suit yet. Featuring ThermoGrid zones in the chest and legs, this suit is a winning combination for our highest performing athletes.

These wetsuits are perfect for water sports and board sports such as SUP, kayaking and windsurfing, keeping your skin and muscles protected and allowing you to keep your focus on the important things at hand.

Jackets and Spray Tops

If you are looking to take to the water, having an extra layer of protection is always a good idea. With potentially changeable weather conditions at play, having options out on the water is no bad thing.

Our range of waterproof jackets contains a host of exceptional items made to counter even the most challenging of conditions and keep you comfortable, calm and able to carry out your activity as you wish. From our insulated and fully waterproof, Kenton Jacket which features XPLORE 2-layer fabric to our OS3 Coastal Jacket featuring XPEL fabric technology for stain resistance and water repellency, you’ll be covered for coastal exploring both on and off the water.

Our spray tops are another good option when sailing or paddling and facing a barrage of water or wind. These items can also be used for a whole host of activities such as paddle sports and board sports such as windsurfing and kayaking.

Protect those extremities!

Not to forget, your head, feet and hands! Protect your extremities to avoid having to cut your day short. Our range of gloves cater for all water sports and seasons. For Autumn / Winter we recommend our 3 seasons neoprene gloves or thicker Helmsman gloves for unbeatable protection and control.

Check out our range of headwear, from our cable knit beanie to our polarclarva for maximum protection from the elements.

Do you wear boots, neoprene shoes or trainers on your feet? Check out our range and make the right selection for you.


Stay safe on the water this Winter with Gill

Our clothing is designed for a variety of different activities, meaning whatever your chosen activity may be, you are in safe hands with Gill.

Be sure to browse through everything we have to offer and find yourself a superb buy from our Gill range. Winter sailing can become something special this year if you have the right clothes on your back, so do not miss out.

And if you have questions, our team is happy to help. Be sure to get in touch.

Be sure to stay safe, dry and warm when sailing this winter, and let Gill help you carry on your activities year-round.