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When working with and embracing of mother nature, you need to be respectful of her power and prepared for the multitude of challenges she can throw your way.

Some of her greatest threats lie in the seas and oceans. This is a truly powerful beast, but when tamed, the water offers experiences like no others.

This is what draws people to activities like sailing, and at Gill Marine, we have known and loved the challenge and reward of working with the water.

This passion has driven us to create effective, impressive sailing clothes that allow people to stay protected against the power of the conditions. 

Our range of sailing clothing and sailing drysuits are designed to make it easier than ever for people to stay protected and safe while out on the water.

Of course, nature poses threat in a number of different guises. And while there are fewer pleasures quite like being out on the water on a beautiful sunny day, staying protected from the sun’s glare is important. Our sailing clothing range includes UV protective clothing to help ensure wearers stay safe from the ill effects of the sun’s rays.

Be sure to take a look through the full range of products available from Gill Marine. We stock outdoor accessories, and have a section where our choice of products are split by activity.

Take a look through our full selection of products and find a great purchase from Gill Marine today.