At Gill, we have put together an excellent selection of products aimed at delivering the very best in watersports apparel. Waterproof trousers are the perfect item for any keen watersports enthusiast, offering a dynamic quality that is hard to replicate. Gill’s range is full of watersports trousers have been designed to meet all the requirements of any wearer. 

A pair of waterproof trousers can give wearers that extra levels of comfort and flexibility. Our trousers range contains Hydrophobe trousers, which are created using a moisture wicking, non-absorbent fabric with built in UV 50+ protection. This provides protection for any wearer from not only the water, but also the sun and its rays. These trousers come with a water repellent finish, while thermal technology also prevents cold water having an adverse effect on a wearer’s legs. 

Gill’s ZenLite trousers offer a brilliant balance between performance and comfort, making them a fantastic sailing trouser option.  

Gill’s Pursuit trouser are an excellent flexible option that can be used for a wide variety of watersports, from sailing to windsurfing and paddleboarding. These trousers have an abrasion resistant overlay, as well as UV +50 protection to deliver what a wearer needs in hot conditions. 

Our waterproof trousers come as part of our wider wetsuits range, with topsshorts and full suits available for you to buy.  

Be sure to add a quality item from Gill to your sailing apparel collection today.