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Feeling fresh and comfortable while out on the water can help to enhance our enjoyment of the activity we are doing. 

Having the right apparel is crucial to this, and at Gill, we specialise in ensuring our customers have the best options to enjoy their chosen activity to the fullest extent. 

One such variety of sailing wear is our shorts, with our wetsuit shorts designed to the highest standards to ensure a dry and comfortable experience. 

Suitable for any activity with close proximity to the water, our waterproof shorts are crafted with specific fabrics to enable excellent wearability and durability. 

Our Impact shorts are made with a four way stretch fabric and silicone grip inside the hem and waistband. This helps prevent movement during an activity, which could potentially lead to discomfort and water getting onto skin. 

Our ZenLite shorts are ideal for warmer conditions, and are constructed from limestone Neoprene and thermal protection technology. 

We also have Gill Pursuit shorts, which are equally sturdy and protective while also offering UV 50+ protection to help shield wearers from the sun.  

And for wearing away from the water, we have quality hiking shorts that can support key muscle groups, while also offering sun protection. 

Our collection of brilliant watersports shorts are ideal for anybody keen to participate in watersports or outdoor activities. Be sure to take a look at Gill’s other excellent collections, including our shirtsbase layers and jackets and find a superb buy from Gill today.