Polo Shirts

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Polo Shirts

Being comfortable in the clothes we wear is an important factor when it comes to feeling comfortable in ourselves. Being able to relax and unwind fully is down to a number of factors, one of which is not feeling constricted by what we wear. 

At Gill, our entire clothing range is designed with the aim of tying together wearer comfort with practical outdoor living. This is why our outdoor clothing is designed to combine style, sophistication and ease for every wearer. 

Our polo shirt selection fits this description perfectly. Sleek and subtle designs allow for wearers to look great and feel truly comfortable while wearing a Gill polo shirt. 

Additionally, our polo shirts are designed with protection in mind. We sell UV Tec polo shirts, which have been created to not only look and feel great, but act in a protective and safe way for the wearer. 

UV Tec polo shirts contain special technology that helps to prevent problems arising due to sun exposure, such as burning. With 50+ UV sun protection built into the fabrics we use, Gill’s UV Tec polo shirts help wearers avoid unwanted sun damage and move moisture away from the skin. 

This range is also ultra lightweight, making it the ideal adventure clothing for warm and hot conditions. Such lightweight clothing makes this range the perfect option when out on the water or relaxing beside it.  

Be sure to browse through the full Gill range today, and take a look too through our other UV protection products, including t-shirtstrousers and shorts