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Once you get the taste for watersports, it’s like an itch that you constantly want to scratch. You cannot wait to get back out on the water and start enjoying that thrill over and over again.  

This excitement can be enhanced by having some excellent watersports apparel available to you, knowing that you have all you need to get that buzz once again. 

One of the best items for watersports enthusiasts is a solid pair of salopettes. These garments are designed to offer ample protection to wearers, and quickly become a cornerstone of your sailing apparel.  

Salopettes are a tough and resistant type of overall, covering the body’s lower half and featuring a bib to hook over the wearers’ shoulders. This item can also be attached to other items like jackets, and worn over spray tops and base tops. 

Gill’s salopettes selection come in a variety of designs and styles, allowing you to find the perfect buy for your requirements. 

Our range contains items that are designed for all conditions and all seasons, while also being comfortable and practical. They come with pockets to house items and various adjustable elements that aid comfort for any wearer. 

With certain items also coming in different colours and subtly different styles, you can be sure to find the best pair of salopettes for your needs and tastes at Gill. 

Shop through our full range of excellent watersports apparel today and find your perfect buy.