Short Sleeve

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Short Sleeve

Being fully and properly equipped to head out onto the water sets us up to enjoy a great day doing what we love most. 

At Gill, our mission has always been to provide our customers with high-quality products that allow them to partake in their chosen watersport comfortably and easily. 

As part of this commitment, we have put time and effort into creating a fantastic assortment of watersport clothing products. These are designed to balance comfort and practicality, and our selection of rash vests are the epitome of this combination. 

Rash vests are a common choice among surfers, with these items originally designed to help protect surfers from developing a rash on their torso due to rough surf wax on their boards. 

Modern rash vests also offer excellent UV sun protection, which is great when the sun is shining and the risk of sunburn is high. 

Though popular with surfers, in reality rash vests are great for a variety of watersports. They offer a layer of protection against the rough and tumble of the watersport activity, while remaining comfortable and flexible for any wearer. 

This page is where you can find our short sleeve rash vests, while we also stock long sleeve rash vests if this is your preferred style. 

Our short sleeve rash vests come with 50+ UV protection incorporated and have a four way stretch for a close comfortable fit. 

We have short sleeve rash vests designed for men and women, so it is easy to find the perfect addition to your watersports wardrobe with Gill.