Long Sleeve

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Long Sleeve

When getting ready for a day out on the water, feeling ready and prepared can help you engage with your task more readily.  

One way to do this is by having all the suitable equipment and apparel you need to feel set to do what you do best.   

Since our founding, Gill’s aim has always been to ensure our customers have the very best watersports apparel. Our commitment to quality and style has allowed generations of watersports lovers to enjoy their favourite activity safely and comfortably thanks to our product range.  

Gill’s collection of watersports clothing includes these excellent long sleeve rash vests. With a stylish design and optimal levels of practicality, these long sleeve rash vests are sure to appeal as a positive investment for any true watersports enthusiast. 

Rash vests are popular among surfers, and were originally designed to protect surfers from developing a rash on their torso due to rough surf wax on their boards. 

The modern rash vest offer exceptional UV sun protection. This is really handy when out on the water in glorious sunshine, giving wearers ample protection and preventing the sun from causing unwanted problems. 

Rash vests are always a popular choice with surfers, but can actually be really advantageous for a host of different of watersports. By providing a protective layer for the wearer, it becomes easier to stay in good condition when out on the water while feeling comfortable and able to adapt to any emergent challenges.  

As well as our selection of long sleeve rash vests, we also stock excellent short sleeve rash vests if that is your preferred style. 

These items come with incorporated 50+ UV protection and have a four way stretch. This means any wearer benefits from a really comfortable and pleasing fit. 

Our rash vests come with designs for men and women, making finding that ideal addition to your watersports wardrobe a breeze thanks to Gill.