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Wetsuits are the perfect apparel for a variety of watersports activities, providing wearers with ample protection and warmth. 

Wetsuits also provide excellent levels of flexibility and comfort, giving wearers everything they need in order to focus on the activity at hand and not feel restricted or distracted. 

At Gill, we understand the value of a quality wetsuit and the difference this can make. This is why we have put great effort into developing a range of wetsuits that will deliver for wearers across the board. 

Gill’s wetsuit collection includes the Dynamic Long Jane and Long John suits, which are truly versatile and designed to provide excellent wearability while out on the water. These suits feature a front zip for easy access, while the fabric used is a 4-way stretch variety that moves easily with your body. There is also a 3mm neoprene fabric used which really helps support that protective skin fit you want from your wetsuit. 

We also have the Zenlite Skiff Suit, which is perfect for watersports activities of many types, including paddleboarding, board sports and sailing activities. This is a lightweight wetsuit choice that is perfect for warmer conditions, and we have different varieties for men and women. 

The Men’s Firecell Long John is Gill’s most technologically advanced wetsuit, with the latest FireCell zoned air technology. This suit has a 3.5mm Neoprene and ThermoGrid plush lining. This makes this wetsuit the optimal piece of kit for colder conditions, providing ample protection while not compromising on durability and wearability. 

Be sure to look through Gill’s full array of sailing wetsuits, while our wider collection is well worth exploring. Take a look through our base layers and jackets too.