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Many people think of sailing and watersports as being something of a way of life. It can be seen as a culture, a world away from the norm where different rules apply. 

Most visitors to the Gill website will already have fallen in love with this other world. Escaping out onto the water is plenty of people’s ideal day, with just being around the water coming a close second. 

To help more people enjoy such luxuries, for years Gill has been manufacturing and selling our watersports apparel to make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy the water in safety and in comfort. 

Our range crosses the divide between practicality and comfort, with some of our items leaning more towards one than the other, but never ignoring one completely. 

Gill’s collection of down jackets leans more towards comfort, as any wearer will attest to. But they are also eminently practical, and are ideal for days around the water when there is a nip in the air. 

Gill’s watersports down jackets come in a selection of styles and sizes, allowing for buyers to carefully choose their selected product with ease. There are also a number of colours from which to choose, meaning that our down jackets can quickly become a part of the overall outdoor look you are purveying. 

With quick-drying and non-absorbent fabrics, our down jackets are made to provide an ideal fit for wearers. This means that you can always trust your Gill down jacket to deliver the comfort and practicality that you want when you need it. 

Gill also has a great collection of other jackets, including waterproof jacketssoftshell jacket and insulated jackets. You can find a host of quality items to buy from Gill’s range, so be sure to browse through all we have to offer and find your perfect purchase.