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Our extremities are an important part of temperature regulation and ensuring that we feel well within ourselves when doing an activity. 

For anybody with a love of heading out onto the open water, ensuring your feet are protected is all important.  

It might not seem like a big deal, but your feet play a vital role in your movements and ability to react to things that come your way. They are central to our ability to balance, move effectively and generally carry out what we need to do. 

The danger when sailing or participating in another watersport activity is that if your feet get wet, you can find yourself getting cold and feeling uncomfortable quickly. 

At Gill, we have a collection of waterproof socks that can be used across an array of activities and really help to ensure wearers stay dry and protected. 

Our waterproof socks have been designed with comfort in mind, and are created with maximum wearability in mind. This is all done with the need to keep wearers’ feet dry, and our designs all strike that perfect balance between utility and comfort. 

Our classic waterproof socks contain a thermal inner layer that transports water away from the wearer’s skin, while also bringing about excellent levels of warmth. These socks are durable in the extreme, and can be the perfect buy for anybody looking for sailing socks, socks for walking, or general outdoorwear. 

Our range also includes neoprene socks, which are crafted from 100% neoprene, and are glued and blindstitched for a waterproof seal. These are the perfect socks for activities with plenty of water action, such as paddleboarding, dinghy sailing and board sports. 

Gill’s waterproof socks collection also includes thermal hot socks for those extra cold days. With plenty of options to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect waterproof socks for your requirements. 

These socks can easily compliment other wetsuit options in our range, including topsshorts and full suits. Take a look too at our wider accessories range, including our footwearheadwear and gloves.