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Product Care

Ensuring that any product you buy is looked after has a number of benefits. It helps you make the most out of your investment. It helps the items you buy look great for longer. And it can help you feel your best when wearing them. 

At Gill, as well as our fantastic range of outdoor clothing and sailing apparel, we also have a range of product care items that allow you to look after your Gill products and get the very most out of them over and over again. 

Our range of product care items includes cleaning products that allow you to tackle any stains or dirt and leave your Gill products looking their very best.  

We also offer reproofing products and proofing spray that can help to ensure maximum waterproof quality. This helps keep your Gill waterproof clothes at their best and can help make you safe and happy while out on the water. 

Committing to sailing clothes product care is a really wise move, and this selection of product care items at Gill is the perfect place to find what you need. 

Be sure to browse through Gill’s sailing clothing care range and find the perfect buy for your requirements. 

This range forms part of our wider accessories offering. This is where you can find a host of handy products that will help to take your sailing experience or outdoor time to new levels of enjoyment. Be sure to check out our marine tools, as well as our glovesheadwear and footwear options too.